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The U.S. Army is the finest-equipped force in the world. Still, providing the soldier with the best weapons and equipment continues to be a challenge. Very often, there’s a dividing line between combat experienced, military professionals and those in the procurement and acquisition communities. Revealing the facts surrounding these truths through fair and accurate reporting and writing is the best way to prevent and even reverse decisions that can negatively affect the soldier on the battlefield.

As a former infantryman, I understand the needs of the soldier. As a defense reporter, I know the broader issues involved in the politics of defense acquisition. I have developed a network of credible sources within the testing and development communities, on Capitol Hill, and in the operational force. These resources serve to guide me through the complex issues involved in today’s defense environment.

I am comfortable writing multi-sourced, analytical pieces as well as filing on a tight deadline. I have a talent for condensing highly complex subjects into readable, descriptive prose that target a specific audience such as decision makers, commanders or soldiers on the ground.

  • Weapons
  • Body Armor
  • Soldier Kit
  • Training
  • Combat Vehicles
  • Modernization
  • Force Structure
  • Smart Soldier Systems
  • ISR
  • Ballistics
  • Thought Leadership
  • Asymmetric Threats